What Do Our Lockforce Franchisees Say?

Alastair Mcleod - Lockforce Redcar and Teeside

"I wanted the freedom of being my own Boss and having control of my own workload…"

"I first heard about Lockforce through the Quest Forces Magazine. The Locksmith industry sounded interesting, different and quite unusual and I was curious to find out what it was about. I wanted the freedom of being my own Boss and having control of my own workload, I also wanted to be able to transfer the work-life experience and skills I have already gained.

The training has been challenging but very rewarding, it is a lot to take in. It has been enlightening and fun.

I would say that if you are thinking about Lockforce, it is a fantastic opportunity, be brave, make the decision and call Gayle!"


Mark Osborne – Lockforce Thames Valley

"I learnt more with Carl in one day than I did on a whole weeks course that I did independently…"

I had been a Locksmith for 13 years but wanted to be part of something bigger and with support of a network.  I knew of Lockforce and had heard great things, it’s a proven locksmith model.  The training has been brilliant, I learnt more with Carl in one day than I did on a whole weeks course that I did independently.  The Head Office training has been eye opening and I’ve learn ’t loads.  It’s a great Team and I’m excited about the future.


Richard Cullin – Lockforce Southampton

"The training with Carl was amazing, fascinating… "

"I relocated back to the UK and had researched Lockforce and other Locksmith Franchises,  but was well impressed with the professionalism of Lockforce and I just kept coming back to you.  I came in and met with Gayle and Paul and here I am.  The training with Carl was amazing, fascinating.  He is really easy to understand and very thorough. "

Watch the rest of Richard's story in his short video below...

Sean Thomas - Lockforce Swansea

"I have always wanted to be my own boss"

I have always wanted to be my own boss and as I have got older I am ore interested in a good work / family life balance and I feel Lockforce will give me this opportunity. I have always had an interest in locksmithing but previously not had the courage to pursue it on my own.

Having recently attended training at head office I am now more confident that I made the right decision to become part of the "team".

I have to say everyone I met and have spoken to have been fantastic support in helping me begin my journey to becoming a locksmith and becoming part of the Lockforce family.


Bill Ewing - Lockforce Glasgow

"Friendly, sincere and really professional..."  

I first came across Lockforce on Google and after researching all about the Locksmith Industry on the internet I decided it was the career move for me. After much consideration I chose Lockforce as they came across as being, friendly, sincere, and really professional.


  • Above - Bill and Carl having a bit of refreshment after a very long day.

I was made redundant in 2010 after over 30 years in the timber trade, and for the last 7 years I have been doing various jobs that were giving me little or no satisfaction and decided I need a career re-focus.

I joined in September 2017 and have completed extensive business training and a very thorough hands on training programme and am now ready, with the security of great franchise back up, to begin my new career. 


Sean Bailey - Lockforce Darlington

"If I could turn back the clock I would have joined Lockforce when I first left the Army."

“I left the Army in 2014 and settled into a job. I then started my own locksmith business in my spare time.

I was doing OK but joining Lockforce in 2017 has transformed my business overnight and I am now looking to take it to a new level. I made more money in my first 6 months with Locforce than in the previous year.

If I could turn back the clock I would have joined Lockforce when I first left the Army.”


Ricky Burt - Lockforce Hull Franchisee

"I was in the Armed Forces for 7 Years and when I left I joined Lockforce. I am earning more than I ever could have running a business alone and my business has more than doubled since year 1 and is still growing."

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Carl Traviato - Lockforce Leeds Franchisee

"I wished to spend more time with my young family and realised that the only way to do this was by becoming my own boss. I can happily say that Lockforce has been the driving force behind me achieving this aim! In working under the Lockforce banner has brought me more satisfied customers than those which I could attract on my own. In their hour of need, I’ve found that people are keen to first call a trusted provider and by operating as a Lockforce franchise, I’m often people’s first port of call – which is fantastic for business!"

Watch the rest of Carl's story in his short video below...