This is what our franchisees say about Lockforce…

Wondering what it’s really like to have your own Lockforce franchise? Here’s what some of our lovely franchisees are saying:

“I wanted the freedom of being my own Boss and having control of my own workload…”

“I first heard about Lockforce through the Quest Forces Magazine. The Locksmith industry sounded interesting, different and quite unusual and I was curious to find out what it was about. I wanted the freedom of being my own Boss and having control of my own workload, I also wanted to be able to transfer the work-life experience and skills I have already gained.

The training has been challenging but very rewarding, it is a lot to take in. It has been enlightening and fun.

I would say that if you are thinking about Lockforce, it is a fantastic opportunity, be brave, make the decision and call Gayle!”

Alastair Mcleod
Lockforce Redcar and Teeside

“The training was a good balance between learning the techniques and actually practicing the techniques. Not only in a classroom environment, but also on the job. “

Watch an interview with a Lockforce franchisee.

Mark Hodge
Lockforce Chester & The Wirral

“I’ve never run my own business before. So joining a franchise was something that appealed to me having people that can guide you. “

Watch an interview with a Lockforce franchisee.

Ross Blakie
Lockforce Oxfordshire

‘I didn’t quite realise the amount of work that they do for you…’

‘The team at Head Office could not help you enough and the work that they do is fantastic and I didn’t quite realise the amount of work that they do for you.

The main things that I took away from the head office training were the sales training and the marketing training this is paramount and two of the most important aspects of running your business. I didn’t realise how much goes into it. Having this backup takes all the fear out of running your own business on your own. It’s is quite fair to say that the only regret that I have about joining Lockforce is that I wish I had done it a lot sooner’

Lee Fowler
Lockforce York

“I wanted the flexibility of being self employed”

From the first meeting with Lockforce I have found each stage of the journey fascinating and enjoyable. I love the professional and friendly feel of the Head Office team and also the ethics that run through the company. I have always had an interest in security equipment so wanted to extend my knowledge into the industry. The technical training was comprehensive, intensive and very thorough. I really wanted the flexibility that being self-employed brings, and to run my own business. I’m looking forward to the journey. “

Paul Mitchell
Lockforce Milton Keynes

‘I’d wanted to be my own boss since leaving the forces in 2011…’

‘I first heard about Lockforce around 4 years ago while searching Google for a locksmith franchise. Being a locksmith seemed like a rewarding and interesting trade to be involved in. I’d wanted to be my own boss since leaving the forces in 2011.

Possibly a reaction to some of the bosses I’d had in the Air force! Head office training has been really interesting and informative it’s motivated me to learn more about the business side of things. The Technical training very intense but trainer extremely knowledgeable and support is there once you go live’

Ross Blaikie
Lockforce Oxford

“Lockforce stood out to me because of the strong brand…”

“I searched franchises online, Lockforce stood out to me because of the strong brand and number of Franchisee’s. Being a locksmith will present challenges, an opportunity to help and assist people and give me a set of new skills.

The training was set in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere,
but was informative and loads of information to absorb. However, the support from all the office staff is very reassuring. I have always wanted to be my own boss for a good work/life balance and able to make my own decisions“

Phill Cox
Lockforce North Nottingham

‘Excellent team at Lockforce…’

‘“I found Lockforce on the internet and it stood out from the very start. I have always been my own Boss and wanted to continue after moving to the UK.

The training was very informative and lots of useful information on topics I was unclear on, all the trainers who were involved were very friendly and helpful, excellent team at Lockforce head office. I’d definitely say if you are the slightest bit interested just go check them out”’

Tyrone Smit
Lockforce High Wycombe

“Carl was very patient and an excellent trainer…“

Training at HQ was great, I really enjoyed it. Everyone was friendly, supportive and knowledgeable and they made me feel very at home.

Carl was great with the technical training, I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Carl was very patient and an excellent trainer. I really enjoyed it and the balance of workshop and live jobs was great. There is a lot to learn and I was very nervous at my first job, but with the support of Carl and the network I feel much more comfortable now.

I knew I would enjoy being a locksmith, you have the ability to earn a decent wage and also for me spending time with my children was very important. “

Lockforce Bristol

‘What did I learn? Well the real question is what didn’t I learn…’

‘I’ve just finished serving 18 years in the army and initially heard about Lockforce via Quest, I noticed that another Lockforce member (Ricky) was also ex-forces and read his story about being part of Lockforce. I like challenges and also love learning new things, being a locksmith you never stop learning and challenges are always just around the corner. Being self employed has always been a must for me as I wanted full responsibility for my new venture on civvi street.

After numerous meet and greets with Gayle and Sean I knew Lockforce was for me. I loved the HO training, very intense but I walked away with a vibe and a vision of my own as well as the Lockforce vision.

I did my practical training with Carl Traviato in Leeds. What did I learn? Well the real question is what didn’t I learn. Each day was different. New locks, new scenarios both in the classroom and in real life situations. Not only do you learn the job but also the effect it has on the people you are helping both before and after the job. ‘

Will Owen
Lockforce Burnley

“The training with Carl was amazing, fascinating…“

“I relocated back to the UK and had researched Lockforce and other Locksmith Franchises, but was well impressed with the professionalism of Lockforce and I just kept coming back to you.

I came in and met with Gayle and Paul and here I am. The training with Carl was amazing, fascinating. He is really easy to understand and very thorough. “

Richard Cullin
Lockforce Southampton

‘The ready made support network…’

‘I looked at several franchises and Lockforce stood out from the first point of contact due to the professional but also personable approach.

I had decided I wanted to go the franchise route so I would have the ready made support network whilst undertaking a new career path. The training was second to none, intense but very hands on in the workshop. I am now enjoying the diversity, variety and challenges that Locksmithing brings.’

Mark Hodge
Lockforce Chester

“If I could turn back the clock I would have joined Lockforce when I first left the Army.”

“I left the Army in 2014 and settled into a job. I then started my own locksmith business in my spare time.

I was doing OK but joining Lockforce in 2017 has transformed my business overnight and I am now looking to take it to a new level. I made more money in my first 6 months with Locforce than in the previous year. If I could turn back the clock I would have joined Lockforce when I first left the Army.”

Sean Bailey
Lockforce Darlington

“I have always wanted to be my own boss”

“I wished to spend more time with my young family and realised that the only way to do this was by becoming my own boss.

I can happily say that Lockforce has been the driving force behind me achieving this aim! In working under the Lockforce banner has brought me more satisfied customers than those which I could attract on my own. In their hour of need, I’ve found that people are keen to first call a trusted provider and by operating as a Lockforce franchise, I’m often people’s first port of call – which is fantastic for business!”

Carl Traviato
Lockforce Leeds

‘I want to be in charge of my own destiny…’

“The Head Office training has been great, I’ve gathered a great deal of knowledge of how to run a successful Lockforce business. The trainers are highly knowledgeable but are able to deliver it at a level so it’s easily understood.

I joined Lockforce as I want to be in charge of my own destiny and the idea of being my own Boss really appealed.”

Steve Gadsby
Lockforce Lincoln

‘The guys are 100% behind you they want you to be a success…’

“I joined Lockforce because I wanted independence and to be my own boss. I enjoy assisting & helping people and felt locksmithing would be that, earning a nice wage is obviously a bonus.

The onboarding and training has been fantastic, very well structured and the marketing is invaluable. The guys are 100% behind you they want you to be a success. They really know what they are talking about. The technical training taught me so much and was excellent, ensuring you hit the ground running. I would absolutely recommend Lockforce, I should of done it a long time ago!”

Bruce Scott 
Lockforce Watford

‘My business is growing…’

“I joined Lockforce in January 2018. I had been a locksmith for a number of years but wanted to be part of a bigger brand.

The Head Office training was great and I learnt a lot on the Sales & Marketing side of the business. My business is growing and I’m seeing the benefits of being part of Lockforce.”

David Green
Lockforce Stockport

‘Locksmithing ticked all the boxes…’

“I did my research and decided on Locksmithing as it ticked all the boxes, reward, role and lifestyle.

I spoke to Gayle and one of the Lockforce Franchisee’s and then went up to Head Office to meet the team. I liked what I heard. I ultimately want to be responsible for what I achieve and to be my own boss. The training has been great, I have no previous locksmithing experience so it’s a lot to take onboard but I’ve enjoyed the training sessions and the environment at Head Office. I’m looking forward to my future with Lockforce.”

Lee Dray
Lockforce Portsmouth

‘There is a fantastic support network in place…’

‘I decided to look into becoming a locksmith when I found out I was being made redundant from my job as a school site manager. I underwent two weeks of excellent training, technical and business. I really enjoyed it, although it was a lot to take in!
It was really nerve racking going out on my first job, but the training kicked in, and I solved the issue and resolved the problem.

There is a fantastic support network in place, and the other Lockforce guys are always happy to help too. I’m excited for what the future holds’

Steve Crisp
Lockforce South Birmingham

‘It’s the best thing I’ve done’

“I previously worked for a supplier of Lockforce and decided to join Lockforce after seeing their brand and reputation going from strength to strength.

I love what I do, every day is different. I am my own Boss and get to manage my own time, earnings and workload. Starting you own Business whatever you decide to do isn’t easy. With the backing of Lockforce, I’ve had the support from Head Office and the network which has been great. It’s the best thing I’ve done; yes I do still get stressed but not like I use to… it’s just the way I am.”

Andy Yuill
Lockforce Sutton

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