All you need to know about a Lockforce


To join our Lockforce franchise, you’ll need an initial investment of £17,995 + VAT, plus some working capital. In our experience,

franchisees are able to easily recoup this initial investment within their first year.

Franchisees are able to recoup this initial investment within their first year with us and live comfortably.

Lockforce will help you to generate your first £5,000 of sales, and show you how to turn your franchise into a hugely profitable and rewarding locksmith business.

To help you get off to the best possible start, we’ll give you:

The Franchise Package is one of the very best in the UK and includes…

Defined Territory

You’ll be the only Lockforce technician in your area. Guaranteed. No-one else will have a Lockforce franchise where you are, so you’ll be the first port of call for customers that need an expert locksmith.

Full training

You’ll be enrolled on a two-week interactive course with one-to-one training on becoming a top-notch locksmith .

Starter Marketing Pack worth £2,000

You’ll be able to build your business quicker with our pack that helps you with website, social media and Google Adwords set-up and management!

Business Stationery

You’ll have Lockforce branded stationery to give your franchise a professional image when you visit customers.

Tool kit

There’s no need to dash out and buy any tools to become a locksmith, because we’ll give you everything you need.

Branded Uniform

You’ll look good and feel good, and give a professional image to all your customers when you’re wearing a Lockforce branded uniform.

Reviews Platform

Collating the reviews you receive and putting them in one place means your customers are more likely to choose you.

Loyalty Programme

You’ll be rewarded when you refer prospective franchisees to Lockforce.

DBS Check

To ensure your customers have complete peace of mind when you’re on their premises.

Telephone Tracking Numbers

You’ll be able to see which marketing method is working best for you

Online Operational Management System

Less time spent doing admin means more time with customers (and therefore, more income for you!

Vehicle Livery

Promote your business every day, wherever you go, even when you’re not working.

Health and Safety Package

You’ll get all the advice you need, when you need it, thanks to our comprehensive package for locksmiths

Continual Personal Development

You’ll be kept updated of changes in the industry that could affect you.

Supplier Accounts

You’ll have access to the best products, at the very best prices.

Public Liability Insurance

For peace of mind for you and your customers, you’ll always be covered.


There’s a fixed monthly fee, so the great thing is that, with this business, what you can earn is entirely up to you.

Your earnings will depend on a number of things, such as your work ethic, the time you devote to the business (and how effectively

you spend that time), the way in which you deploy the techniques we give you and, of course, your existing skills, experience and contacts.

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  1. You’ll find out what’s involved, what’s required from you, and what we’ll do for you
  2. You can chat with existing franchisees and get to know what a typical day in the life of a franchisee is like
  3. You’ll meet Sean, Gayle and the team, and get your questions answered.
  4. You can see if Lockforce might be right for you
  5. You’ll enjoy lunch on us!

‘We got hands-on training with real customers’

“The training worked very well for me. It was on a one-to-one basis in Leeds with another member of the team.

It started in a classroom and then we would go out doing jobs with real customers so we actually got hands-on training whilst doing live jobs, which is how I like to learn.

Ricky Burt Lockforce Hull