Apr 22, 2021

Franchisee Growth & Success

Andy from Lockforce Croydon popped into HQ today for a catch up.

It was a little impromptu and it was great to see him.

Secretly I think he was missing us . Either that or it was the promise from Tom that he would buy him a sandwich. (mind you a long drive for a free sandwich)

He had had one of those ‘mornings’ but still had a big smile on his face & a spring in his step.

We hadn’t seen Andy face to face for quite a few months so it was great to chat over a sandwich.  We saw his new tattoos, chatted about his partners upcoming birthday & took the opportunity to find out how his first year in Lockforce has been.

Andy joined Lockforce last year and to be honest he had managed to get a better insight into Lockforce than most people.

You see Andy was the National Account Manager for one of our major suppliers. Working as a supplier he built a great working relationship with the Lockforce network and soon realised that life as a franchisee presented a greater life than his current role. To be fair not many get such a chance to get such an insight but it didn’t make the decision any easier. After all he had a steady job, a partner and a little “mini me” (his 6 year old son) to consider and was it worth taking the chance?

He loved what Lockforce represented as a brand and when he took the time to explain everything to his partner and to get her to meet the team, the decision was a lot easier as she was right behind him.

Roll on just over a year and in his own words “I am doing great’………

  • he has exceeded Business Plan (by some margin)
  • paid some loans off
  • & saved some money (for his partners special birthday treat), ssshhhh. 

He loves what he does now, he is in charge of his own destiny. Even taking time to come into the office and chat to the support team. Not sure why but he enjoys the banter!!

He talked about enjoying the flexibility being your own Boss gives you and also how he thrives on getting customer reviews. 

He is one of our top most reviewed locksmiths…and he takes great pride in this.  He loves a bit of healthy competition in getting the most and the best reviews.

And whilst he’d had one of those mornings he was able to put it down to the roller coaster ride of running your own business, to put it behind him and wanted to discuss ways he could expand his business and get more leads.

Andy has set himself some aggressive targets for his second year but the sky’s the limit when you are part of the Lockforce team.

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