Sep 15, 2020

Lockdown and Beyond

We are some of the lucky ones…!!!

As we enter into September we are now a few months out of the national lockdown and the business is pretty good, albeit that we have an eye over our shoulder so that we are well placed as this pandemic plays out over the coming months.

Right back at the start of the lockdown we definitely felt the crunch as people came to terms with the threat of the virus, however it has been extremely interesting to see how our network have dealt with such unprecedented times.

There were definitely some big concerns from the outset with people worrying about the “what ifs” but as we look back we are definitely in an industry that can manage and survive through such adverse conditions.  Since the end of April our sales have gradually returned and the summer months of June through to August saw the network post record sales. We are 40% on last year and we remain positive and optimistic that we will continue to see demand. People want to be Safe in their home or premises all year irrespective of what is happening in the world.

Some of the year on year increase was due to the growth in the network but that accounts for only half of the growth. There could be a number of factors to this success and while some of it may be circumstance I do attribute much to the strength and resilience of our franchisees.

During lockdown we put together over 30 video webinars to help franchisees look at new or better ways to market their busines and ways that they could improve their business.

Most important we focussed on staying positive and optimistic and did not let the comments on social media and others get us down.

In business you will always face ups and downs and for us it is the way that you deal with it that counts. It is about attitude, persistence and positivity that helps us prevail when others falter.

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